Everyone’s welcome! We have a super inclusive group welcoming all skill levels and anyone in the LGBTT2SQ+ community!


Drop-in volleyball where we are able to bump, set, and socialize…of course also some spiking!


Gordon Bell High School (3 Borrowman Pl)


8-10 pm most Tuesdays! (see schedule below)


Season pass – $20, drop-in – $5

 Please also join our FB group (must be approved to join for privacy reasons): Out There Winnipeg Volleyball


Now that southern Manitoba has snow in abundance, many minds are turning to thoughts of Cross-Country Skiing.  At the present moment our Out There Cross Country Ski list has over 100 names — but no current organizer.  We suggest that, for this year, Out There Skiing might be organized on an ad hoc basis (similarly to Out There Hiking). 

If you would like to initiate a skiing afternoon or evening, pick a date, a time, a trail and a meeting place. Then send the information to info@outtherewinnipeg.ca.  We can then post your invitation and information to all those who have signed up for the Cross Country Skiing list. 

Can’t wait to see you Out There!


The 2020 Tennis season has finished, thanks to everyone who participated! Please subscribe to the newsletter so we can let you know when we start up in 2021.

Date: Check the calendar!
Time: 6pm
Location: Central Corydon Community Centre (1 Sir John Franklin Rd.)
What to bring: Please bring appropriate clothes and shoes, racquet and balls (if you have some) and a water bottle

If you have any questions, please let us know! No need to register before 🙂

We look forward to seeing you Out There!


Winnipeg Frontrunners is a fun, diverse, and social LGBT2SQ+ running group that is open to all levels of running. Membership is free! We meet every Saturday at 9:00 am at The Forks by the elevator next to the ice-cream shop Neon Cone. We break up into two groups with one running less than 5K and another one running 8-10K. Afterwards, we all meet up for coffee at 10:00 am.

Our season begins in the spring (March/April) and ends in the fall (October/November) depending on the weather. We hibernate in the winter, but sometimes we have a pop-up run. Please e-mail us for exact start and end dates of our season and if you plan to join us so that we can look out for you.

We are a member of International Frontrunners

We organize the annual Pride Run which is a fun, non-competitive, inclusive running/walking event during Pride Week. If you have any questions about this great community event, please contact us.


Next drop-in will be:


Please bring skates, hockey stick, proper clothing according to the weather and gloves are always nice to have. Helmet is optional.

If you do not have a stick, no problem! We will hopefully have some extras!

When we are able to get enough people out, we’ll be able to do this on a weekly basis, so tell your friends!


Covid19 Update
As an outdoor activity, Out There Hiking has been able to resume activities.  

Due to the ongoing danger posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, participation in Out There Hikes is limited to those who are fully vaccinated (2 doses).  Masks must be worn while carpooling with hikers with whom you do not live.


In the summer and fall, Out There Hiking explores trails within a 200 km radius of Winnipeg, mostly in provincial parks such as the Whiteshell. We tackle more challenging trails as the weather cools. We also endeavour to organize at least one walk every year within the Winnipeg city limits and at least one winter walk. Trails and dates are published at the beginning of the hiking season. We do day hikes, meeting at a coffee shop in Winnipeg on a Saturday or Sunday morning, where we arrange car-pooling, then drive to the trail.


Out There Hiking has been organized primarily for the Manitoba LGBT2SQ+ community.  Out There hikers are welcome to bring along a friend or ally from outside the LGBT2SQ+ community.

How do I join?

Go to the Out There Home page, and click on “Subscribe to Our Mailing List”; then check “Hiking” and “Subscribe”.  You will be added to the list of all those receiving updates about our hikes.

We ask for a $1 administrative fee per hike.  And, as we carpool to get to the trail, so we ask that participants help pay the driver for the cost of the gas and wear on the vehicle.

What to bring

The usual equipment for a hike includes proper shoes, plenty of water, a lunch and snacks, and a bag to carry it all in.  We recommend you also bring other outdoor gear, such as bug repellent, sunscreen and sunhat.

And remember your camera for all the beautiful scenery!

Who picks the trails and leads the hikes?

All hikes are led by volunteers – like you!.  The number of events we organize every year depends upon the number of volunteers who step up to lead a hike.  If you would be interested in leading a hike, just pick a trail, pick a date and then contact Thomas, the current Out There Hiking coordinator, at  tnovak@mymts.net.  We will help you get the word out through our Out There lists, and we will give you any support you need to organize and lead the event.
Happy trails!

Schedule and location

Trails and dates are usually published at the beginning of the hiking season.  We generally hike once or twice per month, from late spring to early October.  We do day hikes, meeting at a coffee shop in Winnipeg on a Saturday or Sunday morning, where we arrange car-pooling, then drive to the chosen trail.

Big thanks to everyone who has led a hike! If you’re interested in leading one, please contact us and we will set it up!



Everyone’s welcome! We have a super-inclusive group welcoming everyone, regardless of experience level, in the 2SLGBTQ+ community + allies!


We meet and play many different games ranging from board games, console games, etc! Whatever people would like/bring!


Online Meetings: Zoom (Zoom Link) Password: 525600

In-person Meetings: OARs room at Rainbow Resource Centre


Online Meetings: Twice a month on Monday evenings

In-person Meetings: Typically Saturday from 6pm-9pm


Online Meetings: Once you have the invite link to our Zoom meeting, you can join the meeting on any device. You will need a second device to act as your “controller” for the games that we play on JackBox. These games include variations of Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Trivia, etc. Just a fun group of people looking to socialize!

In-Person Meetings: No sign up or cost! Participants can bring their own games and refreshments.

Questions? Contact mattmacneil.wpg@gmail.com


Interested in getting a good workout and meeting new people?

We have just the thing for you! Sign up for the Out Gear Cycling newsletter to get updates on when the next bike would be!

If you have any questions, please email us!

Out Gear is a drop-in cycling group for all members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and Allies. The cycling rides are open to any skill level. The pace is slow and designated cycling routes are followed. The rides will vary, but they will always leave from our meeting spot at The Forks and return there before 9 pm. There is no cost to join. Just bring yourself, a bicycle and helmet. Hope to see you Out There! 

Please take a peek at this online Covid-19 screening tool before attending so that we can all stay safe. Social distancing guidelines will be followed. Facial masks are recommended, but will not be provided.  https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/