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COVID-19 Update
Due to COVID-19, the Winnipeg School Division is not yet allowing access to school facilities for community events.  Once the School Division once again allows community use, we will send out a note to all those who are subscribed to the Badminton list to let you know when, where and other details.  


Out There Badminton has been designed as a safe and welcoming space where members of the LGBT2SQ+ community can come together to have fun and get some exercise. 


Out There Badminton is a closed club.  We are limiting season memberships members in the LGBT2SQ+ community. 

Drop-ins will be limited to people from the LGBT2SQ+ community.  However, season members may bring along one guest from outside the LGBT2SQ+ community.

A season membership (usually October to June) is $20. The drop-in fee is $2.  (These fees are subject to change).


Out There Badminton is a great place to play without the pressure of a highly competitive setting. Don’t worry if you haven’t played badminton since high school or are new to the sport.  You’ll pick up the basics of the game pretty easily.  After a few months, your game will improve and you will have made some great new friends.  We have a wide range of skill levels, so come out and have some fun.  

We generally play doubles to make sure everyone has a chance to play several games per evening. The club follows Badminton World Federation’s scoring system, with a 21 rally point scoring system.

Before Christmas and in the spring, we organize an in-house, just-for-fun tournament.


We play at Gordon Bell High School, at the corner of Maryland and Broadway. We play in the junior gym, at the south end of the building on the second floor.  

Enter directly into the gym via the door at the top of the stairs on the Broadway side of the building.  If those doors are locked, enter the school through one of a door on the southwest side of the school (on Borrowman Place near the lane) and come up to the second floor, south end.


Available in a lot just south of the school.  The entrance to the parking area is via Borrowman Place.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Badminton is on hiatus right now, but we will let you know when we are back up and running again. Please go to the Out There home page and subscribe to the Badminton list to get updates.


Out There Badminton supplies the birdies.  We have racquets available for borrowing (at no extra charge).

Please bring indoor gym shoes in order to avoid scuffing up the gym floor.  We also recommend wearing athletic attire, because you can work up a sweat playing a couple rounds of badminton!

Be sure also to bring a willingness to play in a fun and non-competitive environment!