Where and When?

In the summer and fall, Out There Hiking explores trails within a 200 km radius of Winnipeg, mostly in provincial parks such as the Whiteshell. We tackle more challenging trails as the weather cools. We also endeavour to organize some urban walks within the City of Winnipeg, and at least one winter walk.  A hiking calendar is usually announced in the spring – though more hikes may easily be added as the summer and fall progresses. 

We do day hikes, meeting at a coffee shop in Winnipeg on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  There we arrange car-pooling, then drive to the trail.


Out There Hiking has been organized primarily for the Manitoba LGBT2SQ+ community.  Out There hikers are welcome to bring along a friend or ally from outside the LGBT2SQ+ community.

How do I join?

Go to the Out There Home page, and click on “Subscribe to Our Mailing List”; then check “Hiking” and “Subscribe”.  You will be added to the list of all those receiving updates about our hikes.

We ask for a $1 administrative fee per hike.  And, as we carpool to get to the trail, so we ask that participants help pay the driver for the cost of the gas and wear on the vehicle.

What to bring

The usual equipment for a hike includes proper shoes, plenty of water, a lunch and snacks, and a bag to carry it all in.  We recommend you also bring other outdoor gear, such as bug repellent, sunscreen and sunhat.

And remember your camera for all the beautiful scenery!

Who leads Out There Hikes and Walks?

Out There hikes and walks are organized by volunteers, just like you!  If there is a trail that interests you (inside or outside the city), and you would like to explore it with others from our 2SLGBTQ+ community, just be in touch with one of the Out There Hiking coordinators.  They will help you get the word out through our email list and will be happy to offer you any support that you need.  Pick a trail, choose a date, then contact Thomas at tnovak@mymts.net or Christina at christina.prairieoutdoors@gmail.com

Happy trails!